Are you for real? is a project by Mediawharf, the media studio where praxis and knowledge meet.

Team: Kati Bessenyei (HU),Victor Diaz (ES), Waldek Rapior (PL), Sebastien Seynaeve (BE), Ida Toft (DK), students from Human Technology and ICT Zakine Rotterdam, supervised by Kristina Andersen (DK/NL), David Jonas (PT/NL), Martin Tamineau (NL), Chris van der Meulen (NL) and Anne Nigten (NL).

Mediawharf is a media studio for knowledge and praxis at Zadkine, the technical vocational school in Rotterdam South. At the core of Mediawharf is the creative media training and apprenticeships for young people, to encourage them to participate in the educational system. We focus on playful media literacy in combination with engineering and other “hard” techniques for creating interactive installations in public space. This training is provided by The Patching Zone in close collaboration with teachers from the Zadkine South, study ICT and Technology, and local youth organisations. The young people we plan to reach represent vocational technical students and a hard-core group of school dropouts and other young people, based in the public space of the area around the Zuidplein.